last gen: battle for share of your time online → new gen: battle for share of your digital identity
why Sari and I turned our essay into an NFT and how you can be a part of internet history
introducing a very special essay co-written with Sari Azout
a discussion with early internet pioneers Caterina Fake, David Bohnett & Nancy Baym
a poem about digital burnout
A deep-dive on incentive design
an interview with Chip Horne of YouTube
Talent, taste & the growing GDP of the creator economy
a discussion on how internet curation is evolving by Leora Kornfeld & a look at the rise of female k-pop in the US
From the garden of forking paths to the walled garden - the evolution of the consumer internet
On the design of healthy digital escapes and the rise of Gqom music in the West
Depending on where you look, taste-anticipating algorithms have been either the 'answer' or the blunt instrument for solving the problem of information…