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a poem about digital burnout

It’s been a while. And there’s a *lot* of exciting stuff to share in the coming weeks. But this one is a little different. I’m sharing a poem.

At Koodos, we try to co-create with our community. A common theme that always bubbles up is digital burnout. In designing our own experiences, we try to center on these strong emotions and build thoughtfully.

This poem is inspired by our community’s stories, and my own experience. It was written in a desperate burst at 1AM last Saturday night after a long day of scrolling.

wake up

face ID to unlock

wash my face

log in


don't text me another code

i pick the mountains

three times

to prove my humanity to a robot

then grant you contact access

to text my ex.1

let them know i'm here.

i start writing a bio

to compensate for

shots not shot2

my head is in the clouds

even if i'm out of AWS credits.

you tell me to snap out of it.

but i'm just too zoomed out

to zoom in

on dispo.3

"you have three invites!"

but i have no one to give them to.

you were my only fan.4

MrBeast told me

he'd give me a million dollars,5

but the gas fees were too high.6

i tune in to Post Malone

on Pokemon7

to deal with the PTSD.

retail therapy

with the new drop,8

so i beg my parents for robux9

order, then choose next day delivery.

but I can't plan for tomorrow

if it's not on my calendar.

it’s past my bedtime

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To experience this poem with hyperlinks click here - the hyperlinks break the flow of the poem, serving as meta-commentary on the modern condition.

If you’d like to buy this poem, it’s for sale here. Yes, the meta-commentary continues.